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About Cleveland Street Novelties

Give yourself a cookie, because you found our About Us page! You know what? Make that cookie double chocolate chunk…unless you’re one of those people that don’t like chocolate? We know a few.

Now that you’re here you might be wondering “how did I get here?” and the answer to that question is: we have no freakin’ clue.

What we do know though, is a thing or two about knee-slappin'-good-time toys and gifts that are perfect for any human, android or wildebeest you might have in your social circle.

Gifts that Old Man Parker would put on pink bunny pajamas to get his turkey-robbing hands on. We know, crazy talk.

Anyway, oh yeah...About Us!

We have a long, deep-rooted and somewhat stalkerish obsession with Cleveland. It began over a decade ago on Cleveland Street, where we all met in a back alley and did our usual secret handshake routine to make sure there were no Pittsburghers trying to infiltrate our secret society (we had to ship a few home).

After many long sessions of scrapbooking, drinking Capri Sun and talking about whose Dad was the meanest, we came up with Cleveland Street Novelties!

We pride ourselves on what we’ve built from those days. Everything from our massive novelty and gift selection to our totally awesome customer service, you’ll be taken care of like family. Not just any family either. More like one of those big Italian families that kisses you six times and slips a wad of cash into your pocket. Yes, we’re that cool.

Our gift selection you ask? You thought the dewey decimal system was cool. You ain’t seen nothin'. We offer gifts and novelties of all kinds for any season, holiday or event that simply say “freakin’ awesome man!”.

Look, there are just too many other “toy companies” out there that put you on hold for ten minutes while they “check with their boss” and other tomfoolery. They're slowly going the way of the Dodo bird because all they care about is moolah, dough, green, dinero…comprendes?

The reason why Cleveland Street Novelties is so great at what we do is because we realize that we’re not just selling toys and gifts, we’re selling memories damnit.

Memories that are way cooler than those you have of Dick Goddard doing the forecast in the 80s. More tornado-hail-storm-snowathons Dick? You don’t say.

So what we’re trying to say in plain English here, is that you’re getting a ton of memories for your buck. Awesome memories for you, your friends and your wacky family. If you thought all of that wasn't already just pure madness, wait till you talk to one of our live human beings on the phone who actually has a personality and WANTS to talk to you!

We love what we do and naturally pass on all of our jolly, warm and fuzzy vibes to you. We love talking to our customers so much that we might actually ask how your day is going (GASP) or maybe just talk to you about Star Wars or even Lebron (DUN DUN DUN).

I hope you're getting a good idea of who we are here at Cleveland Street Novelties and just how awesome we can make your life. We make your cereal taste better, your Uncle curse less and put a turbo-charged kick in your stride. We're like crazy wizards who enjoy life and stuff. Madness we tell you.

It's a party over here and you know you wanna be a part of it. We'll serve up the good times, the punch, the grooves and a whole lotta laughs.

So go ahead and get to know us a bit, don't be shy. Let us know how we can help you with anything you're needing with any gift related questions, concerns or ideas you may have. We'd love to talk to you and turn your next gift idea into an unforgettable one!

Awkwardly Yours,

Cleveland Street Novelties
Happiness Engineering Team

If you have any questions about Cleveland Street Novelties Gift Shop or the products found in our gift shop please feel free to contact us at:

Cleveland Street Novelties
31390 Industrial Parkway 
North Olmsted, OH 44070
Phone: (216) 485-2322
Fax: (440) 777-2430

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